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A Fresh Experience for myJornaya — Introducing Newly Reimagined User Interface

Enhance your experience with our products, and improve your ability to deliver personalized experiences to your customers and quickly source TCPA Compliance Reports.

As marketers, we are all in the business of experience. You are continually looking to improve the experience you provide your consumers, through safe and personalized marketing. And we are in the business of providing you the data and technology to do just that—as well as always exploring ways to improve your experience with our team and our products.

Our Product and UI/UX teams have been working hard to gather insight from customers to understand how they are using myJornaya, and exploring ways we can make the products easier to use. The result is a modernized user interface with a streamlined style and new, guided workflows showing how to use each of our products. We’ve incorporated user feedback and new design principles to simplify the Activate and TCPA Guardian Compliance Report user experience, making it more intuitive and supportive, with quick links to relevant support resources.

“We had great conversations with our users, which helped us create new guided workflows that would not only improve useability but would also expedite onboarding time.”

– Kyle Hauber, Product Manager, Verisk Marketing Solutions


This interface update also creates the foundation that will ultimately house all Verisk Marketing Solutions products. Through 2023 and beyond, we will be introducing features from our Member Portal into myJornaya to create a more unified platform. And we will also be exploring new and enhanced products offering as Verisk Marketing Solutions, now with the power of Infutor’s Identity Resolution best-in-class data and technology.

“The look and feel was a critical aspect we heard from customers, so we aimed to improve visibility and usability through a new dark styling and streamlined layouts.”

– John Roach, UX Designer, Verisk Marketing Solutions

Based on user feedback, we identified opportunities to make several changes that will benefit users, including:

Updated Styling and Layouts

By modernizing our design and introducing a dark style, users can expect a cleaner experience with less noise and improved visibility.

Task-Oriented Navigation Bar

A new navigation bar highlights the specific types of tasks you want to accomplish with clear paths to the parts of the platform you want, when you need it.

Guided Interfaces (Products)

  • Activate – We’ve redesigned the Instance Configuration page to explicitly detail what steps you need to take to most efficiently set up Activate.
  • First Party Journeys – We’ve introduced a guided Journey creation flow, that explains the components of a Journey and how to best build one on your owned and operated website(s).
  • TCPA Guardian Self-Service Compliance Reports — While the interface has a new look, this section will retain the same functionality to easily request and access same-day Compliance Reports with Visual Playbacks in a central location.

Simplified Access to Support Resources

Our Help Center is now more visible than ever. Users will find contextually-relevant information about each task along with links to support pages, throughout the platform, making our knowledge base easily accessible.

From our expert customer success and support teams, to how you engage with our products, we want to make your experience as intuitive and seamless as possible. This latest evolution of the myJornaya platform will do just that. And we can’t wait to share what’s coming up next.

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