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Announcing First Party Journeys: Illuminate Consumers Shopping Your Website

There are No Winners When Marketing is a Guessing Game

As a marketer, you already know a lot about your current and prospective customers – but what you don’t know about them could result in irrelevant outreach, wasted marketing resources and poor experiences with your brand. Static data, such as demographics, is useful for tailoring a message — but doesn’t help identify who is in-market and open to engaging with you.

In a recent survey by Cheetah Digital, 50% of consumers reported feeling “irked” by irrelevant offers.

So how do you confidently execute more personalized, relevant, and well-timed outreach across any of your marketing channels? For years, many leading insurance carriers, mortgage lenders, banks and higher education institutions have tapped into Jornaya’s vast partner network of comparison-shopping websites to know when their consumers are in-market.  However, to better understand the customer journey, you also need to know when a customer’s shopping leads them to your site and what they’re doing once they reach it.

This is easier said than done. Especially when most site visitors are anonymous, how do you know who’s shopping and what they are shopping for? That activity often goes unrecognized, which makes it impossible to connect to shopping behaviors in the broader market. Consequently, brands struggle to meaningfully engage shoppers that are actively browsing for their products.

Unlock Consumer Behavior Across Your Website(s)

Well, now there is a way. Jornaya, part of Verisk Marketing Solutions, is excited to introduce First Party Journeys, a new offering that extends the capabilities of our Activate solution to your owned and operated websites. When paired with Activate, First Party Journeys empowers you to not only monitor and identify consumers browsing your site, but to also categorize shopping behaviors into unique product journeys that will help you personalize your outreach. But the real magic happens when you connect those behaviors to their shopping activity across Jornaya’s Partner Network.




Activate with First Party Journeys helps you better: 

  • Extend Reach to Identify Shopping Activity on Your Website: By leveraging the power of Activate, First Party Journeys can identify consumers browsing your site if they were previously seen in Jornaya’s Partner Network, even if they didn’t authenticate or fill out a form on your site.
  • Understand the bigger customer lifecycle: When combined with data on their behavior across Jornaya’s network, you capture a more holistic view of their shopping journey—telling you not only who is shopping in Jornaya’s network, but also who is engaging directly with your brand.
  • Prioritize Outreach: Seeing the bigger picture of a customer’s journey helps you identify those that are most engaged with your products and brand. You can prioritize the most relevant outreach depending on behavior and level of engagement. Make them a priority!
  • Personalize Content: First Party Journeys gives marketers control on what journeys you want to set up and monitor for shopping activity. This means that you can see not only if someone is visiting your site, but also what areas of the site they were viewing. Using this information, you can confidently time and tailor your messaging to best fit the customer’s interests.

By combining the shopping behavior witnessed across Jornaya’s Partner Network and the shopping behavior across your websites, you can harness a more complete view of your customers and prospects’ buying journey. This lets you more confidently execute more personalized, relevant, and well-timed outreach across any of your marketing channels.

Creating First Party Journeys is as simple as defining the specific shopping journeys you want to monitor on your site and then adding a related line of Jornaya code to each of the relevant pages. It’s all within your control.



The core theme of our recent V!A Marketing Summit was “Better Together,” which perfectly captures the opportunity presented through First Party Journeys. Previously, Activate only focused on behaviors observed in the Jornaya Partner Network. Now our customers can leverage the power of Activate directly on their own sites to build a more complete picture of their customer journeys. First Party Journeys can empower you to focus more on engaging with consumers who are in-market for your products — and avoid sending out that dreaded ‘junk’ mail.

Interested in learning more about how to pair Activate with First Party Journeys? Get in touch with our team here

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