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Lead Generation Experts Weigh In on FCC’s New Explicit Consent Rulings

You have probably heard by now: The FCC has placed stricter TCPA rules on explicit consent. Marketers must now provide enhanced, individualized verification and authentication when creating compliant user experiences for specific brands. But contrary to popular belief, the sky is not falling on lead generation. In fact, the new law could even bring new opportunities. In a recent webinar series, “Navigating FCC Rulings on Explicit Consent”, PX and Verisk Marketing Solutions break down the issues and options in three sessions featuring legal and industry experts:

Session 1: Deep Dive into the Problem at Hand

Build up your understanding about the potential impact of the new FCC regulation. Experts Michele Shuster, Bas Offers, and Eli Schwarz clarify the challenges around explicit consent, offer legal insights into the changes, and lay the groundwork for a better understanding of what’s coming.

Session 2: Roadmap to Dynamic Consent

Discover why Brand Explicit Consent, by PX and Verisk Marketing Solutions, could be just the solution the customer acquisition industry needs right now. Schwarz and Offers explore Brand Explicit Consent, highlight the strategic prerequisites for solving dynamic consent, and give a bird’s eye view of how other companies are implementing TCPA-compliant consent.

Session 3: Solution in the Spotlight

Find out why experts believe in Brand Explicit Consent, with business cases from industry leaders. Matt Curtis (ADT) and Gabe Allen (Royal United Mortgage) joined the discussion to explain the ways they, even prior to the ruling, were successfully complying with explicit consent while optimizing the customer experience. They’ll show you a range of steps you can take right now and explore the Brand Explicit Consent solution even deeper.

Session 4: Your Questions, Answered

Our first three sessions in this series garnered thoughtful questions from participants, so we decided to host a fourth and final session to answer your burning questions surrounding the FCC rulings on explicit consent. This session offers clarity on the rulings and their key impact while giving in-depth answers and practical advice drawn from questions received in sessions 1, 2, and 3.

Real-Time Compliance Insights

In addition to supporting Brand Explicit Consent, Verisk Marketing Solutions offers Real-Time Decisions—a suite of tools and services to help marketers to mitigate TCPA compliance risk in real-time, among other objectives.

Developed in response to early FCC rulings, these solutions give marketers the ability to, in an instant, discern lead quality and origin, personalize consumer engagements during inbound inquiries, and—most important for the new ruling—confirm TCPA compliance.

“About 11 years ago, the lead generation space was about to go through a major shift as the result of another FCC order not too dissimilar to dynamic consent. Back then, we built a TCPA consent verification product that helped enable everyone to continue operating in a compliant way. So with the FCC’s latest order and the changes that are coming, we quickly started realizing there is an opportunity to leverage the experience we have and to help.”
—Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions

With TCPA Guardian, a critical component of Real-Time Decisions, marketers can verify a consumer’s TCPA consent in real-time, in advance of calling. TCPA Guardian also provides evidence of consent in the event of a complaint.

As the new rules’ 12-month transition period kicks in, Real-Time Decisions remains crucial for marketers aiming to stay ahead and stay on the right side of regulations. Make sure you’re up to speed, too.

 Learn more about TCPA Guardian the Real-Time Decisions solution suite.

Watch all recorded sessions for the “Navigating FCC Rulings on Explicit Consent” webinar series here.

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