Episode 8 –
Andrew Criezis of NielsenIQ: Learning How to Strike a Balance Between Personalization & Privacy

Andrew and our host Tim Finnigan discuss the importance of balancing personalization and privacy, the growth of omnichannel sales, and what trends and challenges are impacting brands that seek out the expertise of NielsenIQ.

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Episode 7 –
Seeking Out Partners Who Align With Your Business with Kelly Barrett, SVP of Product Management at Comscore

The tech industry is constantly changing, and it’s vital to always stay curious and ask the right questions. But above all, you need to seek out the right partners because you can’t have all the answers.

In this episode of The Marketing Rapport podcast, our host Tim Finnigan welcomes Kelly Barrett, the SVP of Product Management at Comscore, Inc. They talk about the ever-evolving tech space, keeping up with customers, and why measurement is a team sport.

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Episode 6 –
Protecting the Email Inbox with Keith Petri, CEO & Founder of lockr

Email is used for many different purposes, including contacting friends, communicating with professors and supervisors, requesting information, and applying for jobs, internships, and scholarships. It is also used for marketing and is a popular tool for brand-building.

But you’ve undoubtedly noticed that every website now asks for your email, and your inbox has never been more bombarded. As a result, you receive many messages that you don’t want.

Fortunately, there is a platform called lockr, and through their product lockrMail, you can take back control of your inbox. lockrMail is a public-facing email address that will help you organize and secure your inbox while helping you protect your identity.

In this episode of The Marketing Rapport, our host Cory Davis welcomes Keith Petri, the CEO & founder of lockr. Keith explains what lockr is and how it can help consumers protect their email. Keith and Cory discuss two lockr products — lockrMail and Identity lockr — and three lockr stakeholders: consumers, publishers, and partners.

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Episode 5 –
How to Meet Customer Expectations With Bob Armour, CMO of M1 Finance

Episode Summary Sales and marketing are the key pillars of any business. While marketing is about building awareness of the […]

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Episode 4 –
Using Value Exchange to Form Lasting Relationships With Customers with Mike Scafidi of Digitas

In the past few years, technology has changed the way we communicate and conduct business, the way we shop, and how we live and work. And today, a business that doesn’t involve technology like video conferencing and various applications for project management is unthinkable.

But choosing the right technology is not easy and depends on several factors. Moreover, the tech umbrella covers an ever-increasing selection of products, hence every company must figure out the apt solution for its organizational needs.

Marketing agencies like Digitas, and their CTOs, help companies/clients choose the right technology solution and integrate it into their ecosystem.

In this episode of The Marketing Rapport, our host Cory Davis welcomes Mike Scafidi, the former CTO of Digitas. Mike gets into the importance of continuous value exchange and explains how he advises clients regarding new technology choices. Mike and Cory discuss the relationship between a CMO and a CTO and how to keep up with the overabundance of technologies on the landscape.

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