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Top Reasons Why Compliance Officers Love Jornaya



In 2013, Jornaya developed solutions to help companies become compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Beyond just helping them be compliant, our solution was tailored to help these brands protect their reputations—with their customers and with their markets at large. 

We’ve since extended these solutions to help our customers meet the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations as well as future-proofing these solutions to help with the largely expected future state and federal regulations that will be similar to CCPA. 

Ensuring your organization stays out of harm’s way by complying with regulations helps you honor consumer privacy and create trusted, valuable relationships with your consumers.

So what are the benefits of working with us?

10) You’ll protect your brand. You can put your head down at night knowing you have proof of prior express written consent for TCPA and disclosures and options for CCPA. In today’s environment, it’s not about if there will be a complaint, it’s about when, how often, and if you are prepared. With Jornaya, these complaints can be taken care of before brand reputation or legal expenses start adding up.

9) We won’t slow you down. You can run your 1st- and 3rd-party marketing strategies at full speed, no matter if it’s a 3rd-party lead, 1st-party lead, outbound call, text, direct mail, or media buy, we ensure real-time TCPA and CCPA compliance. We do not cut-back or limit a marketers ability to invest in the top of funnel, so when the compliance team comes knocking its all smiles and teamwork between Compliance and Marketing.

8) You’ll be backed by a network of industry experts. Jornaya is viewed favorably by both industry organizations like LeadsCouncil and the Society of Insurance Research as well as by regulators. We work with State AGs to ensure best practice marketing is not just an idea but actually implemented and executed against.

7) You’ll be working with an award-winning company. We’ve received countless compliance and innovation awards in the last 9 years, including LeadsCouncil Leader Award for Best Compliance Company, EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award, Online Lending Alliance Innovator of the Year, LeadsCouncil Most Innovative Company, Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA) Innovation Award, and 2020 HW Tech100 Mortgage winner from HousingWire.

6) You’ll have proof. Though strong indemnification and limited liability language remain a best practice, neither equates to immunity from TCPA violations or class actions brought against your firm.  The courts continue to rule not based on your contracts, but based on your investment and vigilance on managing a compliant marketing process internally and with your affiliates and vendors. Jornaya is your proof of consent, and as important, your proof of investment in 1st and 3rd party compliance.

5) We’ll pass every compliance audit you throw at us. We work with the country’s largest and smallest banks, carriers, agencies, and fintechs. We understand the importance of data security, consumer privacy, and IP—and we’ve never lost a partner over data concerns or audits.

4) It’s Amazon-easy to work with us. We’re not a new software platform or a large corporate workflow install like so many other compliance suites. Integrations are seamless. We’re an easy add-on data suite.

3) You’ll always honor consumer privacy. From the day we were founded, we’ve only used hashed data. We do not capture and store consumer personally identifiable information (PII) to provide our future-proof compliance technology. We don’t rely on 3rd-party cookies or tracking consumers. When you work with us, you know that your data stays your data because you are never sharing consumer PII with Jornaya.

2) Compliance is in our DNA. Our sole business is built on witnessing consumers’ shopping engagement to ensure compliance and help marketers respect consumer wishes. Jornaya has never sold consumer data, leads, or audiences—and never will. We can’t because we don’t have the data! Unlike firms that also manage large customer files with personally identifiable information (PII) or firms that also sell consumer data as leads, calls, clicks, or audiences, Jornaya’s patents and business model put the love back in the Compliance Officer + Marketing relationship.

1) You could save a ton of money. On average, the FTC receives 250,000 complaints regarding TCPA violations per month. Companies have lost tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits by not complying with the regulation. The average TCPA settlement is $6.6M (which doesn’t include lawyer fees or the potential for public relations damage).

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