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How Smart Brands are Getting the Most Out of Their Data

Brands want to provide more relevant experiences for customers, maximize reach, and ensure compliance, all while running the business as efficiently as possible. To do this well business leaders need a smarter customer data strategy—one that starts by resolving, analyzing, and operationalizing first-party data and uses the highest quality third-party data to enhance and expand on this foundation.

Leaders from Amperity, the Comprehensive Customer Data Platform, and Infutor Data Solutions, the experts in consumer identity management, will delve into the world of customer data and identity management and share secrets to better marketing outcomes and longer-term, higher-value customers.

Our experts will discuss:

  • How to combine first-party & third-party data for more accurate and efficient identity management
  • Compliant use cases for first-party & third-party data
  • Examples of how brands are systematically using data to better connect with their customers
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