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Responsibly Enrich First-Party Data Through New Snowflake Native App

Seamlessly infuse marketing workflows and advertising strategies with actionable consumer insights.

How are you safely powering data-driven personalized marketing, while reducing your reliance on third-party cookies?

Maintaining the most current and detailed view of customers and prospects among evolving data privacy laws is complicated. Companies need to be diligent on where and how to source and leverage consumer data. And, as third-party cookies phase-out, more marketers are enriching their first-party data with additional consumer insights from trusted data partners.

Responsibly sourcing consumer data is paramount for more relevant marketing personalization, frictionless data processing, and powering profitable consumer engagements. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get the data you need quickly in a singular, controlled access clean room environment.

Verisk Marketing Solutions is thrilled to launch our new Consumer Identity Resolution and Enrichment Application, now available within your Snowflake Marketplace instance. This native app enables streamlined access to our high-quality U.S. consumer and household data through the Snowflake data plane. By harnessing Snowflake’s robust infrastructure and Verisk Marketing Solutions’ data intelligence, you can seamlessly resolve and enrich first-party data with confidence.

Our Data Enrichment Application marks the latest milestone in our ongoing partnership with Snowflake. For the past two years, Snowflake has named Verisk Marketing Solutions a leader in their Modern Marketing Data Stack report. They invited us to build applications within their platform as an early developer, and we launched our first app in the Snowflake Marketplace in 2022.

Working with Verisk Marketing Solutions & Snowflake

The world’s largest brands trust the Snowflake Data Marketplace, which features 375+ live, updated, ready-to-query data sets from premier third-party providers like Verisk Marketing Solutions. Users can build data-intensive applications and holistic customer profiles without the operational burden while experiencing better, more secure data sharing.

“Cloud technology enables an environment that allows for increased opportunities for collaboration, as each partner is in control of its own data while enabling governed analytics with other partners simultaneously.”

Sully McConnell, Head of Insurance at Snowflake, for Broker World Magazine

diagram of the Snowflake data workflow with Verisk Marketing Solutions

We offer several popular datasets through the Snowflake Marketplace, all with continuous verification and updating. Our native application covers the following use cases:

  • Identity resolution: Resolves identity data to a unique, persistent identifier, which enables organizations to consolidate records and link multiple, often times bespoke, consumer datasets.
  • Identity completion: Appends the most up-to-date information for each contact—including name, address, phone, and emails—based on as little as fractional identity markers while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Attribute enrichment: Enhances consumer profiles by adding more relevant characteristics, including demographics, intent signals, property ownership data, financial characteristics, personal interests, and more.

Why Use our Data in Snowflake?

  • Simplicity: One “click to request” through your Snowflake account connects to our files for sampling or on-premise data licensing—no batch processing of APIs or adjustments required.
  • Controlled Access: Because all transactions run in your Snowflake account, you don’t need to move or provide external access to your data. This configuration can help simplify procurement and security reviews and expedite time to value.
  • Speed and Scalability: Leveraging the power of Snowflake, you can load and enrich large volumes of records in a single afternoon.
  • Interoperability: Activate your first-party data in an environment that easily integrates with other data sets through Snowflake.

“Verisk Marketing Solutions’ Consumer Identity Resolution and Enrichment Application allows you to seamlessly fortify your CRM, CDP, or data project with the relevant consumer insights required to personalize omnichannel marketing and optimize advertising programs. Compared to traditional transfer methods, Snowflake’s native applications dramatically reduce friction, help improve security, and accelerate speed-to-market. Users can access the essential data they need, confident it complies with privacy regulations and remains in their Snowflake instance.”

Jason Ford, VP of Alliances at Verisk Marketing Solutions

Learn more about how the new Verisk Marketing Solutions’ native app in Snowflake can help seamlessly enrich your first-party data with deep consumer insights.

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