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Honoring Consumer Privacy Will Accelerate in 2021

Brands that take consumer privacy seriously have more satisfied customers and deeper loyalty. Consider that 48% of consumers have stopped buying from a company over privacy concerns. Utilize data properly or risk losing customers—it’s that simple. Here are some common sense steps your company can take to honor privacy: 

  • Increase consumer trust by being 100% transparent about data usage: Provide clear guidelines on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Trusted organizations, like Jornaya, have rigorous policies about raw or proprietary data.  
  • Provide consumers with more control over their data: Ask permission to use consumer data for a specific purpose (only using it for that purpose) and allow them to remove themselves from your database (as stipulated in the CCPA for CA residents, a good practice for everyone). 
  • Invest in solutions to help: Invest in data security and privacy solutions to protect your brand and obtain consumer consent. 
  • Ensure “The Golden Rule of Data” is part of your marketing team’s DNA: Use customer data only as you would want your own data to be used. 

Our team has been writing about consumer privacy throughout 2020. Check out our Privacy & Compliance Resource Center

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