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Time to Switch Identity Resolution Vendors?

Why it could be significantly easier than you think

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Your marketing and customer engagement efforts are only as good as the data that supports them

If your vendor keeps falling short of your quality goals for consumer identity resolution, it’s time to make a change. Worried about the effort involved with changing vendors?

Learn how Infutor simplifies the process with hands-on guidance to minimize resource requirements on your end. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, identity resolution can help improve the quality of your first-party data, inbound marketing, outbound activation and analytics. In this tip sheet, we discuss the advantages of switching, including:

  • Unmatched accuracy with granular details
  • Expert advice along with responsive service
  • Cost effectiveness and future-readiness

“We initially adopted Infutor for their data quality, which we noticed was stronger than our prior vendor. Since adoption, they have been a real partner to us, improving not just identity resolution but the way our full martech stack integrates and operates.”
– Director of Product Management, Retailer

Switching Identity Resolution Vendors