Report: The Future of Insurance


Improving Insurtech's Customer-Centricity

How to expand, enhance, and protect data for optimal results

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The real work is just beginning, as the focus shifts to making digital engagement more relevant

As inflation and cost-of-living rates continue to soar toward levels not seen in decades, customers are growing more price conscious and scaling back on what they consider to be non-essential spending.

To rise above this new wave of challenges in 2022 and beyond, insurers will need to adopt a consistent marketing approach across all channels that’s anchored by a laser focus on customer-centricity – reaching the right customers with the right message at the right time.

In this white paper, we examine some of the top trends, strategies and opportunities involved with using identity and behavioral data to build a stronger customer-centric approach, and how insurers benefit from:

  • Understanding more details about the customers they have now and the customers they want to acquire
  • Using third-party data sources to augment their own database and build more complete customer profiles
  • Delivering relevant messages and offers at the right time based on behavior and where they are in their insurance-buying journey
  • Adopting a data governance approach that guards against security threats and ensures regulatory compliance