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How to Succeed with a Privacy-First Focus to Omnichannel Marketing

A must for inbound and outbound success in the expanding universe, and growing concern, of digital channels

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Omnichannel Marketing: The Evolution Continues

Omnichannel marketing is difficult to get right. There are many moving parts to consider among continuously evolving channels, regulations, and consumer concerns about their privacy.

In a relatively short period of time, consumers have grown more aware of, and wary about, how marketers track their activity and collect their data. Their privacy concerns are among the greatest changes and challenges facing omnichannel marketers today. Consider the findings of a recent survey:

  • 86% of Americans say data privacy is a growing concern
  • 68% are concerned about the level of data businesses collect
  • 40% don’t trust companies to ethically use their data
  • 30% aren’t willing to share personal data for any reason

Yes, consumers want personalized experiences that provide the most value and relevance, but not at the expense of their online security or privacy.

For the protection of your consumers, your reputation, and your bottom line, your omnichannel marketing initiatives must include a heightened focus on data privacy and governance – both of which we explore further in this handbook.