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What's Next for Your Identity Strategy?

Build a Foundation to Thrive in the Cookie-less Future

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Marketing and data pundits have talked at great length about the new world rising from the ashes of third-party cookies and Apple’s IDFA privacy changes. In a study done by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, companies believe the following challenges will occupy most of their time in 2021:

  • Impending decline of mobile advertising identifiers (38%)
  • Uncertainty surrounding new data privacy regulation (32%)
  • Impending decline of third-party cookies (24%)

To avoid falling significantly behind in their attribution and targeting efforts, marketers need to adjust their identity strategies to include the four Cs of consumer identity data, which state that your first-party data must be current, correct, complete and compliant.

Where do you go from here? How can you resolve, enhance and strengthen your first-part data to maximize its potential? This white paper delivers a foundation on developing and implementing new approaches for a smooth transition.