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The Consumer Insights & Experience Summit welcomed an intimate group of the industry’s top executives and leaders across marketing, product, compliance, data analytics, and more. Dozens of high-profile brands and platforms came together in Chicago’s Fulton Market District for a day and a half of networking, thought leadership, and entertainment.

Verisk Marketing Solutions is excited to share all of the incredible content that filled the VIA stage, so you can take these learnings anywhere!

Practitioners and academics alike share eye-opening insights and actionable take-aways about the future of consumer marketing, personalization, audience monetization, consumer privacy, and of course, AI.

VIA 2023 On Demand Video


Anat Baron — The Next Great Transformation

Sought-after Futurist, Anat Baron, took our V!A audience into the future— establishing the theme for the day and sharing new insights into what’s coming next and how to prepare. This highly anticipated talk includes insights not shared anywhere before our stage.

A Future-Forward Conversation

Anat is joined by Verisk Marketing Solutions’ Chief Strategy Officer, Eli Schwarz, to connect her projections about the future to the rest of the day’s topics and with what Verisk Marketing Solutions has in store for 2024 and beyond.

  • Anat Baron, Futurist & Tech Entrepreneur
  • Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions

Future-Proof Strategies for a Rapidly Changing Advertising Ecosystem

A differentiated consumer data strategy coupled with flexible execution sets brands apart and delivers the incremental ROI these businesses need to succeed, particularly in this market. Problem statements: “Once I have all this insight, how do I action on it safely and with confidence in its efficacy? In 2024, why am I still using the same technologies I signed up for in 2014? Are these platforms really built to last?”

Hear from experts across the supply chain: media companies, measurement providers, clean rooms, and a well-known brand who is taking the plunge into adtech.

  • Moderator: Zora Senat, Chief Commercial Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Nate Schnader, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Big Ten Conference
  • Larry Allen, Vice President and General Manager, Data & Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising
  • Kelly Barrett, SVP, Product, Comscore
  • David Wells, Industry Principal, Snowflake Media and Advertising, Snowflake
  • Julian Zilberbrand, EVP, Advanced Media & Data Solutions, Paramount
  • Nola Solomon, SVP, Global Go-to-Market Strategy & Enablement, Criteo


Future-Proof Strategies for a Rapidly Changing Advertising Ecosystem

Zora Senat is joined by Nate Schnader, SVP and Chief Information Officer for the Big Ten Conference to spotlight its path to becoming a multi-media activation platform, leveraging the conference’s data, monetizing it, and working with technology partners to make the vision a reality.

  • Zora Senat, Chief Commercial Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Nate Schnader, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Big Ten Conference


Priya Linson, OneGoal

As Verisk is committed to creating positive change in the communities where we live and work, Verisk Marketing Solutions proudly donated a portion of ticket sales from the 2023 VIA Consumer Insights & Experience Summit to the Chicago chapter of OneGoal. Watch Priya Linson, OneGoal’s Chicago Executive Director, take the stage at VIA to share more about the organization’s mission.

Truth & Trends of Consumer Privacy & Compliance

The growth of the data marketplace has increased at break-neck speed due in part to the growth of digital advertising. With this trajectory, the value of data-driven marketing has become clear – but so has the interest in consumer privacy.

During this session, we explore the important role data plays in the economy – and more importantly how it impacts you personally each day. We dispel the myth that data monetization is “bad”. Our team of expert panelists share their thoughts on the regulatory trends you need to prepare for as we look to the future. And you will learn how data-driven marketers can play a role in ensuring ongoing access to consumer data while still maintaining customer trust.

  • Moderator: Christine Frohlich, Head of Data Governance, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Dr. Howard Beales, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy, The George Washington University
  • Nils Wernerfelt, Donald P. Jacobs Scholar / Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Jean-Pierre Dubé, James M. Kilts Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing and Charles E. Merrill Scholar, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Building Industry Leading Customer Segmentation Strategies

There’s more than one way to build a strong customer segmentation strategy—but the components and challenges are similar across approaches. In this panel discussion, industry leaders share real-world insights around targeting and frequency, data hygiene, consumer consent, and finding the balance between “good enough” and 100% accuracy. Learn how the right data can drive not only acquisition campaigns but also robust cross-selling efforts. And see what the future holds with regards to the cloud, AI, privacy, and ever-evolving competition.

  • Moderator: Matt Lohman, Managing Director, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Jalaj Jha, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo Home Lending
  • Vince Monticello, Marketing Director CRM, Ally
  • Heather Geffen, Director of Product Management, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Valerie Aiello, AVP of Performance Marketing & Customer Experience, Fidelity Life / eFinancial

The Marketing Rapport Podcast with Aarti Gupta
Host: Tim Finnigan

A V!A first — Our Host of The Marketing Rapport and Head of Product Marketing,Tim Finnigan, welcomed Aarti Gupta, Head of Insurance GTM for North America for Amazon Web Services (AWS) on stage for a live taping of The Marketing Rapport podcast.

  • Tim Finnigan, Director of Product Marketing, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Aarti Gupta, Head of Insurance GTM/Business Development for North America, Amazon Web Services

Learn more about Verisk Marketing Solution data available through the AWS Data Exchange

The Future of Consumer Insights

How we navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer identity, privacy, and behavior can feel daunting, but we will show you how we are innovating to keep you prepared for anything. This session welcomed members of the Verisk Marketing Solutions product team to share more about the solutions we have and the roadmap we are building — leading the way to novel and actionable consumer insights that drive optimal consumer experiences.

  • Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Brian Burke, VP, Product, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Heather Geffen, Product Leader, Data Licensing, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • MJ Yafchak, VP, Data Strategy, Verisk Marketing Solutions
  • Kyle Hauber, Product Leader, 1st Party Enrichment, Verisk Marketing Solutions

V!A is about how we get there together.

V!A is more than an event, it’s about how we connect and create experiences with our customers and each other. V!A is the evolution of Jornaya’s Journey Summit, and the joining of forces between Jornaya, Infutor, and Contact State to become Verisk Marketing Solutions—helping you improve the reach, timing, relevance, and compliance of every consumer engagement. Tell me more.

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Roundup: Understanding Your Customer Through Identity Solutions and Data

It’s time to get serious about getting more from your first and third-party data. With some third-party data sources phasing out and new privacy legislations taking effect, it’s more important than ever to fuel your campaigns with the right consumer data. Find out how and why in the new eMarketer Roundup made possible by Verisk Marketing Solutions in cooperation with Amazon Web Services.

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