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Announcing Jornaya’s New Publisher Partner Program: Delivering Value to Publishers, Lead Sellers, and Performance Marketers

As we gear up for a whirlwind week of conferences (who decided we should have Digital Mortgage + InsureTech in Vegas + Connect2Convert in Boston all in the same week?!!), I’m excited to share the news that we have launched a set of new services and capabilities designed specifically to create value for publishers, lead sellers and performance marketersJornaya’s Publisher Partner Program.

Our industry has always benefited from strong network effects and Jornaya’s Network is no exception; more participation equals more value for all of our customers and our partners. Our Publisher Partners have always known this and have worked closely with us over the years to create a mutual value exchange. 

For many of you, this announcement is not new news. The strategic decisions Jornaya makes and the new offerings we create are always developed with feedback and input from the market. So, we’ve been talking to many of you about these concepts, and many of you are using these services and helping to continually refine the use cases.

Our new Publisher Partner Program is creating a value exchange at the highest level I’ve seen in my 6 years in this space, and I’m excited to share more about the program:

Publishers Win When They Expand Their View of the Consumer’s Buying Journey

Publishers can supercharge their marketing by expanding their view of the consumer’s buying journey. When focus is placed purely on what the consumer does while they’re on your website, you miss opportunities to re-engage them at the right time, with relevant messages that drive higher return on your marketing dollar. Jornaya’s data platform witnesses consumer interactions across thousands of websites and leverages each signal of intent to inform scores that assess the consumer’s intent to buy across products like loans, insurance policies, new and used cars, school degrees, and more. With our new Publisher Partner Program, we’re granting publishers access to these data to grow their business through smarter, more personalized remarketing.

Every Publisher & Lead Seller Should Have Direct Protection Against TCPA Risk

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped hundreds of large lead-buying enterprises prove consumer consent and avoid frivolous TCPA lawsuits and class-action settlements. Despite the success these enterprises have had, many of the publishers and website owners who generate leads in our ecosystem are still being served with demand letters from plaintiffs looking to hold them hostage and make a quick buck. We’re taking a step towards ending this. Starting now, any publisher who is participating in our Publisher Partner Program will have access to our TCPA Guardian solution for all of the leads they generate, ensuring that consent is always witnessed by a neutral party, and the proof is available when needed.

Sellers Should Have Access to the Same Compliance & Performance Data as Buyers

We believe both sellers and buyers benefit when data is transparently shared. Through a set of new Business Intelligence Dashboards, lead sellers can view all of the key data metrics that their lead buyer clients are accessing through Jornaya. This makes it easier and more effective for lead sellers to meet their lead buyer’s needs, making quick compliance and performance optimizations with visibility into these data on a daily basis. These dashboards are available to all publishers participating in our Publisher Partner Program. 

It Should Be Easier for Publishers & Lead Sellers to Find New Lead Buyer Customers

As a neutral party that witnesses the majority of leads bought and sold in the market, we can do more to help lead sellers promote their unique strengths and connect with new lead buying customers that can benefit from their services. Participants in our Publisher Partner Program have access to introductions to lead buyers interested in their services. Our Provider Directory is quickly becoming the go-to location for anyone in our network to promote their capabilities and be discovered by new customers.

You can visit our website at to review the details of the current program, or visit to sign up now.

With your feedback and input, we will continue to enhance and grow this program over time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly with any questions, thoughts, or comments:

My team will be exhibiting in Vegas next week at the Digital Mortgage Conference & InsureTech, and in Boston at Connect2Convert. We would love to meet you if you’ll be there. Please reach out at to schedule some time to meet.

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