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Bringing Creativity to Subscriber Acquisition

By: Leanne Cochrane Original Article

With changes to privacy regulations and the reality of a cookieless world, brands need new ways to find and acquire customers. Affinio and Infutor partnered up to showcase how Streaming Providers, or any Media & Entertainment ‘publisher’, can bring immediate color to third-party data to impact their bottom line.

Address Audience Gaps

Every streaming provider has an audience sweet spot – whether it’s demographics-related or genre-specific – suggestive of outstanding “white space” opportunities in other areas. These audience gaps in market share may be well known internally, or might be determined via running third-party data comparisons against other providers. Let’s say Hulu has identified a gap in its age 50+ consumer bracket. Understanding the persona and interests of that user group is key to finding more like them.

By using Infutor’s Total Consumer Insights file of rich US household profile data, and simply selecting all anonymized household IDs where a subscription to Hulu exists and age is at least 50, the Affinio engine instantly uncovers the distinctive behaviors of this segment. Among some of the affinities scoring at least 1.6 times higher than the average household are: gardening, outdoors/camping/hiking, home decor, gourmet, and pets.

Through Affinio’s separate impact scoring, it’s clear that a significant portion of this group has used social media in the last 30 days, especially Twitter and YouTube (i.e. 3.39% and 3.02%, respectively, of the 5.54% of households comprising this segment). Promotion of existing programming related to these affinities is key for Hulu when targeting this demographic, and consideration may even be given to creating or acquiring more content around these themes. Inspiration is also provided for the best mix of media channels to reach that target audience.

Unlock More Possibilities with First Party Data

The capabilities get even more powerful when you blend the best of third-party data with first-party data. No longer will target audience currency be restricted to just third-party “syndicated” segments or to internal data-limited “owned” personas. Rather, new “custom” hybrid segments can now be realized. By overlaying protected identifiers between two datasets in a second-party exchange format, Affinio can detect overlap and assess the combined characteristics of the intersecting group. Hulu can then find new “behave-a-like” acquisition targets via the signals found in the broader third-party provider’s data that overlap – for a truly unique segment to competitors.

The Marketing Future Looks Bright

Analysis like this is possible without exposing raw data within the ecosystem, using capabilities of Snowflake’s Data Warehouse and Affinio’s tech. Consumers and advertisers benefit alike when privacy compliance is prioritized and targeting is based on relevant behaviors in the absence of PII. These probabilistic signals are a path forward that is here to stay. Visit to learn more about using Affinio’s various apps for addressing your audience intelligence needs.

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