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Identifying Value Beyond the Lead

Our customers are the biggest influencers of our product development and have helped us define the market problems they want to solve most. Based on feedback from brands and publishers, together we identified that we were in a unique position to unlock value, creating a win-win-win for brands, publishers, and consumers. This dialogue with customers combined with our position as an independent, platform agnostic, technology led to the creation of Jornaya’s Data Partner Program.

The Data Partner Program has seen great success since launching late last year and momentum continues to build as we expand with a broader set of Publishers. We set out to accomplish two main goals and are seeing them realized in what are still early days of the program. First, we wanted to Ensure Trust & Transparency. Jornaya has built a proprietary network by working directly with publishers that choose to install our JavaScript on their sites as a free service to generate LeadiDs and support trust and transparency in the lead generation space. In recent years, publishers have asked us to expand our relationships in order to help them identify ways to extend their value beyond the lead. The Data Partner Program was built specifically to help lead sellers and publishers harness the power of consumer intent. Publishers that choose to participate become partners in the program and share in a value exchange with Jornaya for their contributions. This includes expanding their reach to brands they previously may not have had contact with. If a publisher has not been in direct contact with us to sign up to be part of our Data Partner Program, their data is not involved. However, based on the value that the early adopter Publishers are seeing we think it’s only a matter of time before all publishers will want to join the program.

Second, we are helping all organizations we work with to Activate the Right Dataset. It’s no secret that your data is a powerful source of competitive advantage. Using predictive datasets can help your organization acquire, retain, and grow your customer base. Ultimately, it’s about activating the right data at the right time to best engage with consumers throughout their shopping journey. Done right you will see a better consumer experience, which ultimately increases your conversion rates as well as brand reputation. The Jornaya Activate platform allows marketers to connect to Jornaya’s network of behavioral data to monitor for new in-market activity and early clients are seeing a very powerful impact: By leveraging this unique data set our partners are connecting with their customers and prospects throughout the shopping journey in a far more meaningful way, ultimately driving better outcomes for their business and the consumer. The goal is simple: help marketers put the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time and by doing so, creating value for brands, publishers, and consumers.

The Data Partner Program provides publisher partners with a unique opportunity to unlock meaningful value from their data all while driving more value for the consumer in the process. Ultimately, it’s about activating the right data at the right time to best engage with consumers. Whether you’re a publisher or brand, Jornaya’s purpose is the same: To help both our customers and publishers drive the best possible consumer experience through better data and insights.

Dan Shapiro is Vice President, Publishers, Jornaya

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