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Kissterra & Jornaya Work to Improve Compliance Within the Insurance Consumer Generation Ecosystem

Kissterra, an information technology company that develops tools for insurance and financial data management, has set out to create solutions that stand the test of time. The company’s technology has helped thousands of people find the right insurance policies online every day. 


Kissterra is focused on creating innovative solutions for an ever-changing online world. The team partnered with Jornaya to help drive safe and smart business growth with Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian solution and accelerate networking with Jornaya partners. 

“Gaining trust in the industry is hard to do when you’re new and unknown to most enterprises,” said Nadav Kerzner, GM Insurance, Kissterra. “Partnering with Jornaya has been essential to our success and has helped us to successfully connect our comprehensive solutions with leading companies.” 


While working with Jornaya, Kissterra has been able to:

  • Ensure highest levels of compliance when gaining consumer consent across their properties
  • Validate that the consumer was shown necessary and approved disclosures
  • Network and grow their business by joining forces with other insurance professionals

“Gaining trust in the industry is hard to do when you’re new and unknown to most enterprises. Partnering with Jornaya has been essential to our success and has helped us to successfully connect our comprehensive solutions with leading companies.” 

Nadav Kerzner, GM Insurance at Kissterra


Kissterra’s software is focused on improving customer communication methods, increasing engagement and satisfaction. Their revolutionary marketplace allows insurance shoppers to enjoy all the benefits of having an AI-driven personal assistant helping them make an educated decision.

“We have focused all our singular client profiling abilities to generate a unique insurance smart matching model. The self-learning algorithm changes in real-time to produce custom results with high compatibility rates,” said Nadav Kerzner. “Our customers don’t have to worry about overpaying or being underinsured. We offer the new generation of insurance.” 

As a part of their mission, Kissterra goes to great lengths and measures when it comes to compliance and privacy, said Ziv Chen, COO, Kissterra. “We invest heavily in our efforts to be able to generate compliant data. Those who don’t, ruin it for the rest of us,” he said. “These noncompliant actions reduce the confidence carriers and others have in vendors like us and reduce mutual faith in the industry as a whole.” 

Keeping a high level of compliance is the only way to honestly connect between insurance shoppers and insurance providers. If consumers feel they’re providing their information to a website or company they don’t trust, it will tarnish the validity of the entire process.

High-intent consumers with accurate information are the base for all of Kissterra’s analytical and algorithmic abilities. Having all the required legal language and gaining full consent in a proper way is crucial to the way consumers experience their connection with Kissterra. Working with Jornaya helps Kissterra provide the most trusted and compliant consumer experience.


As an insurance provider, making sure that information is collected in a compliant manner is crucial. Large brands cannot be associated with companies who don’t follow the highest levels of regulation or will risk being part of a legal action taken against these kinds of companies. Through working with Jornaya, Kissterra is able to prove their highest level of compliance when it comes to consumer information and set successful, long-term partnerships with the largest insurance enterprises. 

Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian enables Kissterra to:

  • Furnish visual proof of consumer TCPA & CCPA consent for every lead they generate
  • Ensure compliance to both Kissterra as well as State and Federal guidelines and laws
  • Allow their advertising partners to have the ability to validate that the consumer was shown necessary and approved disclosures


There’s a lot of suspicion by insurance providers looking for new partners to assist with consumer acquisition. And for a good reason: Many insurance companies have been taken advantage of by consumer generation companies that have bad practices and noncompliant methods.


Partnering with Jornaya has provided strong momentum for Kissterra to establish key industry relationships. From years of serving the insurance industry, Jornaya has earned respect and confidence from insurers and their partners. Jornaya has used its trusted position to bring awareness to the insurance community of Kissterra’s effective use of Jornaya tools to maintain the highest levels of compliance. Kissterra has achieved rapidly growing and high-quality consumer generation abilities, creating win-win opportunities for insurance providers to be connected with a compliant source of high intent consumers.

In working with Jornaya’s GM of Insurance Jaimie Pickles, Kissteria shares mutual philosophies and goals for creating a positive impact on the insurance industry and sharing best practices and highly compliant behavior of all participants. From these conversations, Kissterra became aware of the Society of Insurance Research’s (SIR) efforts to advance the insurance industry and connect between people who share this passion. As a result, Kissterra joined SIR to take part in the important advancements in the industry and share their unique knowledge in the field of consumer generation for insurance products.

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