Report: The Future of Insurance



The Future of Insurance

Explore the state of the industry and how you can reorient to more profitable growth through data-driven consumer insights.

The insurance market has been through the ringer.

Carriers are reorienting to what the world looks like amidst geopolitical unpredictability, economic instability, technological advancements, and regulatory flux over the past few years. As the world shifts and changes, so do consumer profiles, needs, and behavior.

Download this complimentary Forrester report, Future of Insurance: Embrace Open Business Models, Agile Products, And Touchless Processes to Thrive in the Next Decade, to learn how insurance businesses and technology leaders need to refresh their business models, products, and processes over the coming decade to thrive in this volatile market.

In this report, you will learn about:

  • What is driving massive transformation within the insurance ecosystem
  • The six factors that will challenge insurers profits in the coming decade
  • Key areas where insurers need to level up for sustainable growth and profitability

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