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Improve Profitability and Performance in Real-Time

“In many cases, identities are unknown or only partially known when filling out a form or calling into a call center. We’re enabling clients to make instant decisions around those consumers.”

—Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer, Verisk Marketing Solutions

What questions are Acquisition Marketers asking?
  • Should I buy this lead?
  • Will this lead be profitable?
  • What leads are most likely to convert?
  • Does this prospect match my ideal customer profile?
  • Who is dialing into our call center?
  • Do I have evidence of TCPA consent?
Whatever the question, they need answers in milliseconds.
You can get answers to all of these questions in real-time from Verisk Marketing Solutions (formerly Jornaya & Infutor).

During the VIA 2023 Consumer Insights & Experience Summit, our product leaders offered an up-close look at the current and future state of our Real-Time Decisions product suite. Hear how we are helping marketers optimize consumer interactions on their website, in their call centers, or while decisioning in their lead programs—improving customer experience, conversions, and profitability.

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Real-Time Decisions adds considerable value across a variety of common use cases, including:
  • Assessing lead quality — With greater transparency around lead origin and age, authenticity, time spent on form, and more, marketers can more intelligently decide which leads to buy and thus improve their ROI.
  • Verifying TCPA consent — Marketers can reduce risks by verifying TCPA consent prior to making a call. They also receive visual evidence of consent in the event of a complaint. See how Real-Time Decisions helps Biologistic Software Solutions mitigate TCPA compliance risk.
  • Enhancing lead data — By appending identity attributes such as demographics, property ownership, financial characteristics, and interests, Real-Time Decisions enables marketers to learn more about their customers and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities.
  • Scoring identities and validating contact accuracy — For all inbound inquiries, Real-Time Decisions can help marketers validate the accuracy of identity information. Marketers can also identify their most valuable leads and treat them accordingly to deliver the best experience and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Completing identities — With just a single identifier, such as name, email, or physical address, Real-Time Decisions produces complete profiles to ensure the most accurate consumer information and to guide highly personalized interactions.

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