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QuoteVelocity Grows, Partners With Jornaya for Success


QuoteVelocity is a provider of real-time web and live transfer prospects. They generate qualified leads and calls of consumers seeking assistance in the insurance, financial, automotive, and healthcare verticals. They drive traffic to a series of O&O web properties via email, search, native, and social traffic.

Manny Zuccarelli, Founder of QuoteVelocity, has been working to grow his company and owes the company success to: 

  • Internal Lead Generation: “We are our biggest traffic source,” said Zuccarelli. “This requires far more commitment on the front end as we have to truly understand what the consumer is looking for, where they are in the sales cycle, and what information has to be conveyed to deliver the highest possible conversion rates for our partners. The benefit is that we have control over the quality of our calls and web leads, and experience less performance swings with our partners.”
  • Product Development: "Many companies focus on business development over product development, and I feel this is short-sighted,” said Zuccarelli. “We focus and invest heavily on product development, which has paid healthy dividends for us. Our partners are happy and we maintain an extremely low attrition rate. This approach has also helped us scale our call center operations in a relatively short period of time."
  • Technology: Zuccarelli invested in proprietary systems that allow QuoteVelocity to quickly and efficiently link partner reporting data back to its origin source. “This allows us to quickly identify what is and what isn’t working, what adjustments have to be made, and how to ultimately succeed in any vertical,” he said. “These systems are the foundation of how we make the connection between the consumer and our partners.”


Zuccarelli turned to Jornaya as a trusted partner. “Jornaya has been a critical component of our entry into this industry,” he said. “From our initial partnerships with the likes of Quicken Home Loans, we recognized the importance of TCPA validation to protect us and our partners.” 


While working with Jornaya, QuoteVelocity has been able to:

  • Ensure highest levels of compliance when gaining consumer consent  
  • Validate that the consumer was shown necessary and approved disclosures
  • Network and grow their business by joining forces with other insurance professionals


With an obsessive focus on compliance and security, QuoteVelocity exceeds all TCPA requirements in each step of the lead generation process with Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian. TCPA Guardian acts as an independent source of truth about a customer’s experience by validating that each lead or call was generated in a compliant manner. It also provides persuasive proof of consent with our Compliance Report and Visual Playback, which has been used to successfully help clients avoid and dismiss TCPA lawsuits.


Partnering with Jornaya has provided strong momentum for QuoteVelocity to establish key industry relationships. “For a 2-year old company to grow at the rate that we have requires that we leverage word-of-mouth business. Our small company is not built with a heavy outbound sales team. We rely on partner referrals and reputation to help us grow,” said Zuccarelli. 

QuoteVelocity has quickly taken advantage of V!A by Jornaya, the only comprehensive industry directory for the lead generation and performance marketing ecosystem. By making connections through a network these connections are made on a bedrock of mutual trust and mutual values of protecting consumer privacy and intent, leading to more trusted, valuable relationships.

“The VIA program that Jornaya has offered has assisted us in building some incredible relationships, providing a mutual level of respect when reaching out to prospective partners in what would otherwise be considered a “cold” reach,” said Zuccarelli.


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