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Infutor Launches Suite of Digital Marketing Solutions

PLAINFIELD, Ill., August 10, 2015 – Infutor Data Solutions announced this week the launch of a Suite of Digital Marketing Solutions, complete with an all new MD5 and SHA-1 Email ID solution. Infutor’s Digital Suite now contains multiple offerings to better target and segment digital consumers through email, online and offline applications.

“Traditionally, we have focused on email data, which is still a major offering within our new Suite of Digital Products. However, now we have greatly expanded these services to include detailed IP, MD5, and SHA1 identification solutions. These new solutions, tied to our vast consumer lifestyle information, are providing marketers with more ways to target and segment their audiences,” explains Gary Walter, President and CEO of Infutor Data Solutions. “Additionally, marketers and fraud prevention specialists now have new ways to identify anonymous consumers,” continues Walter.

Infutor’s Digital Marketing Suite now includes seven distinct offerings, many of which are customizable for companies’ unique initiatives. Solutions include:

  • IP Recognition and Personalized Retargeting: identifies IP address information to identify consumers and provide multi-channel contact, behavioral, and lifestyle information
  • MD5 and SHA1 Email Identification: decodes MD5 and SHA1 hashed information or can identify a consumer (including behavioral and lifestyle attributes) through hashed information, without transmitting actual email addresses
  • Email Validation: improves email deliverability and reduces the likelihood of blacklisting through a series of email cleansing and verification processes
  • Digital Identity Validation: accesses multiple pieces of consumer information to verify a consumer’s identity to assist in online fraud prevention
  • Email Append: provides email addresses for customer and prospect information to enhance multi-channel marketing initiatives
  • Reverse Email Append: provides name, postal address, telephone, and demographic information to provide additional contact channels and consumer insight
  • Customer and Prospect Email Deployment: encompasses a complete solution for deployment of email campaigns, including permission pass (if needed), campaign deployment, and comprehensive reporting

“As businesses strive to instantly respond to consumer demand, Infutor has made many of these solutions available through our real-time API,” explains Mary Jo Yafchak, Vice President of Product Development. “Because the response is in sub-second speed, marketers and fraud specialists are able to respond immediately. Whether it’s targeting online advertising, declining a fraudulent transaction, or instantly personalizing the online experience, these solutions keep up with the pace of the online market,” she continues.

For more information on Infutor’s new Digital Marketing Suite of Services, call (312) 348-7900 or email

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