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Data Privacy and Growth Initiatives Can Coexist: Here’s How

In her latest article, published on Spiceworks, Christine Frohlich, Head of Data Governance at Verisk Marketing Solutions, discusses how executives can balance marketing compliance and data privacy while still meeting their organization’s revenue goals.

Today, prioritizing compliance initiatives while maintaining growth strategies is a complex challenge that nearly all organizations face. This is especially true for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions that regularly handle sensitive data and personal information (PI). There is a widespread belief that achieving consumer privacy compliance must come at the expense of data-driven initiatives that fuel revenue growth— and while this may hold some truth, it is not an absolute certainty.

No matter the industry, it is mission critical for organizations to establish sound data governance strategies while navigating global compliance and consumer privacy.

Topics covered in this article:

  • The Cost of Non-compliance
  • Bridging The Gaps in Your Compliance Program
  • Data Mapping and Marketing Initiatives
  • Privacy Policies
  • Clear Assignment of Responsibilities
  • Vendor Due Diligence

Read the full article here and learn how marketers can optimize data privacy and compliance without sacrificing revenue.


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